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When you are making a choice on which dental implant center for your procedure; you need to be clear on the scope of treatment you are receiving.

Unlike most “brand name” dental implant centers, In A Day Smile provides a comprehensive treatment plan that is designed to ensure the success of your new dental implant restoration. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that first addresses any existing oral health issues such as gum disease, bone loss or others to ensure a healthy mouth that is ready for implant placement. Then, once the implants are placed, we include one year of in-office scheduled maintenance to ensure the success of your dental implants.

Just like your natural teeth, proper dental hygiene is critical to maintaining a healthy beautiful smile. Unfortunately, some dental implant treatment centers do not offer follow up scheduled maintenance solutions that are critical to maintaining your beautiful new smile. They simply offer the initial placement procedure and send you on your way without any follow up.

During the maintenance period our highly trained hygienists will educate you on the proper at home maintenance of your dental implants, perform in-office deep cleanings and provide tips for better overall oral health. Once the initial year maintenance is over you are encouraged to continue with in-office scheduled cleanings which can be performed at In A Day Smile or by your local dentist.

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