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Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?

With traditional and modern tooth restoration options, the days of living with missing teeth can be a thing of the past! No longer will you have to live with the embarrassment, pain or discomfort of missing teeth. Instead of shying away from photos with friends and family, you could be enjoying the foods you love … all of them! While there are a number of ways to fix your missing or damaged teeth, our dentures and dental implants are the most common. Dentures and dental implants serve the same purpose of restoring your smile; however, there are a few extra benefits to each, which could help our patients decide between the two. Whether you choose our traditional dentures or our “gold standard” solution dental implants, you will have a brand-new healthy smile with long-lasting results!

At In A Day Smile Dental Implant Centers we offer high-quality, yet affordable denture solutions and are in network with many leading insurance companies.

Modern Options for a Beautiful Smile

Modern Options for a Beautiful Smile When it comes to restoring your smile here at In A Day Smile Dental Implant Centers, there are a few options we trust. We specialize in bringing your smile back to life and keeping your oral health in good shape, so you can enjoy a smile worth showing off for a lifetime!
Dentures are our most traditional way to restore a patient’s smile, and at a reasonable price. Dentures are made to sit on your gums in order to improve your tooth function and smile concerns. However, since dentures are not as advanced as our other alternatives, they have a few disadvantages: food restrictions, they are prone to foul smells and breakage, they require adhesives to stay in place, and they must be removed at night for proper cleaning. Adjustments for dentures are required often, and they will need to be replaced every five years.
Our overdentures look and function just like normal dentures, but they’re set on top of titanium dental implants for easy removal! Just like traditional dentures, overdentures come with food restrictions, are prone to foul smells, can lose snap function, and they may need to be remade at some point. Overdentures can also move by becoming unsnapped while chewing, and it can take up to 12 months for final results to be created. Not everyone is a qualifying candidate due to bone loss, and the average replacement is every 3-5 years.
The All-on-Four process comes complete with four titanium posts secured into the jawbone to support your brand-new permanent set of teeth. Your temporary and final restorations will sit on top of the dental implants and act as normal, natural teeth for years to come! With the All-on-Four process, you can expect to still face some food restrictions, reduced ability to chew certain foods, and experience a strong metallic taste. All-on-Four may be made out of weak material that is prone to breakage, and the fabrication of techniques and materials is becoming outdated. The average replacement is every 3-5 years.
As our strongest solution yet, our All-on-6 process features six titanium dental implant posts that are secured into the jawbone to create a stable foundation for your brand-new restoration. Once your All-on-6 procedure is complete, you will be given a restoration to begin using immediately, which will restore chewing capacity and improve oral health, all without the worry of food restrictions or foul smells. Advanced fabrication techniques and materials not only make All-on-6 our strongest prosthesis yet, but it also looks the most like natural teeth! As this is a metal-free prosthesis, there’s no metallic taste, and it also offers patients with severe bone loss a real opportunity to restore their smile once again! With a lifetime warranty on implants and ceramic teeth, this is our longest-lasting solution to date, and it could give you a perfect smile for life!
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Dentures vs. SNAP-ON/Overdentures vs. Implants

While all of our options are viable, one may work for one patient and another might be best for the next, as they are all vastly different in some respects. Our dental implants provide a permanent dental restoration option that will last a lifetime for patients with missing or failing teeth! Unlike dentures that can shift, fall out and become messy and hard to maintain, dental implants can restore your bite, smile and dental functional with a permanent solution that won’t restrict what you can eat or drink. Our dental implant restorations are not only easily attainable here at In A Day Smile Dental Implant Centers, competitive pricing and simple, quick financing options make them affordable!

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