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Sedation Treatments

Dental Implant Surgery Under Sedation

In A Day Smile provides customized patient focused smile restorations that are designed to restore the patients overall dental health and confidence. Our comprehensive treatment plans are unlike any others in the industry including the “Choice” well-known national implant centers. In A Day Smile restorations include follow up maintenance, at no additional cost, to ensure the overall longevity and success of your smile restoration.

The team at In A Day Smiles believes that all of our patients deserve the highest quality of care and comfort and that is what we deliver. For this reason we offer multiple types of sedation dentistry to fit the individualize comfort levels of each patient. These sedation options include:

Nitrous Oxide

This safe mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is also referred to as “laughing gas.” Although you are awake, the use of nitrous oxide creates a sense of detachment and calm. One of our mildest forms of sedation, this odorless gas is inhaled via a small mask placed over your nose. When the procedure is over, the nitroxide oxide is removed and you immediately return to a normal state. You will be awake, fully able to hear and speak and aware of the situation, but totally calm. You also can control the amount of sedation you experience by simply breathing through your mouth, which dilutes the effect of the nitrous oxide in your nose. The effects wear off soon after the comfortable mask is removed. Additionally, there are no known allergic responses to nitrous oxide, making it a reliable and ideal way to achieve relaxation.

Oral Sedation

A stronger level of sedation, oral sedation or conscious sedation provides an even deeper level of relaxation. We will prescribe a medication (pill) that you take just before the appointment, but you must have someone driving you to and from our office. The medication provides a sense of relaxation. You are awake, but often won’t remember the sights and sounds of your visit.

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