Questioning What Determines The Cost Of Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale, FL? This Is What Determines It

Questioning What Determines The Cost Of Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale, FL? This Is What Determines It

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When people have one or more missing teeth, they can replace them with gold standard dental implants. Although there is a standard dental implant procedure process, because no two people have the same exact smile, each patient’s dental implant procedure process will be customized to their specific smile. This means that the cost of dental implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL will vary from patient to patient.

Unsure about what determines the cost of dental implants? Continue reading to learn how the cost of dental implants are determined for patients.


What Determines The Cost Of Dental Implants In Fort Lauderdale, FL

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of dental implants. The following specifically describes what determines the cost of dental implants:

Quality Of The Dental Implants:

The quality of dental implants significantly influences their cost. High-quality dental implants are typically made from durable, biocompatible materials, like titanium, which ensures their longevity and lowers the risk of them causing the patient complications. Dental implants have a dental implant post, which is made to act like a natural tooth root, giving the patient a stable foundation for their prosthesis to be attached to.

The dental implant post also promotes good bone density and volume in the patient’s jaw. When people get lower quality and lower cost tooth replacement options, they will not give patients the long-lasting or compatible new smile they can expect from dental implants. While high-quality dental implants may have a higher upfront cost, they can often prove more cost-effective in the long run.

The Restoration Material Used:

The type of restoration material used also impacts the cost of dental implants. The two commonly used materials for dental implant prostheses are porcelain and zirconia. While both porcelain and zirconia prostheses are durable and enhance the aesthetics of the patients smile, they differ in price. Porcelain is often a more budget-friendly prosthesis material than zirconia. This is because zirconia material is a stronger and more wear-resistant material that comes at a higher price.

The choice in material for prostheses lies with the patient, so it is important for them to consider the long-term benefits and overall value of the one they choose for their dental implants.

How Dental Implants Are Taken Care Of And Maintained:

Just like natural teeth, dental implants require proper care and maintenance to remain in optimal shape and function. When people get treated with dental implants, they will need to get regular checkups on their new smile, maintain good oral hygiene, and adopt healthy lifestyle habits so that they do not have to pay more to keep their dental implants beautiful, healthy, and functional.

For those who neglect to take proper care of their dental implants, it can lead to them developing complications like peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is condition that could necessitate additional procedures, and therefore additional costs.

While the maintenance of dental implants does not directly add to the upfront cost of them, it can influence their total cost over their lifespan. With regular care and maintenance, additional expenses can be avoided for dental implants over time, ensuring the dental implant continues to perform well.


Reasons To Get Treated With Dental Implants

Because dental implants are beneficial in so many ways, it makes them cost-effective. The following are the specific reasons why people should restore their smile with dental implants:

  • Improves oral health
  • Are durable and long-lasting
  • Enhances the appearance of people’s smiles
  • Allows people to maintain a normal diet
  • Improves their self-esteem
  • Improves their speech
  • Are convenient to clean and maintain

These are just some of the reasons why choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth can be a good idea.


See Us Now So We Can Determine The Cost Of Your Dental Implants

Want to know how much your dental implant procedure will cost? When you come to our caring and advanced office, we will examine your oral needs and wants, and use those factors to determine the cost of your dental implant procedure.

Don’t hesitate to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Burak Taskonak and our exceptional team at our In A Day Smile Dental Implant Centers office to schedule an appointment today!

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