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Implants vs. Dentures

Dental implants provide a permanent dental restoration option that will last a lifetime for individuals with missing or failing teeth. Unlike dentures that can shift, fall out and can be messy to maintain; dental implants can restore an individual’s bite with a permanent solution that no longer restricts what they can eat or what they can drink.

We have included a brief comparison chart of the key benefits of dental implants over dentures. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a free consultation please call use at 866-360-1585.


Dental Implants VS Dentures
Preserves and strengthens the jawbone while preserving a more youthful facial structure. Leads to loss of jawbone and overall facial structure.
Look, feel and function as natural teeth. Can look and feel unnatural and slip out of place.
No need for adhesives or creams. In most case require adhesive cream application.
You can resume normal chewing and enjoying the foods you want. Need to avoid certain foods such as steak, apples, popcorn, etc.
Permanent solutions with good overall oral maintenance and health. Will eventually require realignment.
Easy to clean and maintain. Need to be removed regularly for cleaning and then reapplied.
An initial investment that can last a lifetime. Less expensive upfront but in most cases cost more over a lifetime.

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