Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures In Fort Lauderdale, FL Over Traditional Dentures?

Dental Implant

While traditional dentures do give patients new teeth, they are bulky and are only secured with dental adhesives. Because the patient’s jawbone is not stimulated with traditional dentures, their jawbone will lose density with this tooth replacement option, casing their traditional dentures to not fit them properly so that they are unstable and cause discomfort. […]

Can I Upgrade My Smile From Traditional Dentures To Implant Supported Dentures?

Young woman with implanted teeth on color background, closeup.

Traditional dentures are made to replace missing teeth by sitting on the patients gums and being held in place by adhesives. While traditional dentures do give patients new teeth, they often become unstable and uncomfortable as the patients jawbone and facial structure begin to change because the missing tooth roots are no longer stimulating the […]

How Are Implant Dentures In Fort Lauderdale, FL More Restorative Than Traditional Dentures?

an image of a woman smiling with implant supported dentures.

While traditional dentures do give patients an efficient new smile, they are not a stable, comfortable, or long-lasting tooth replacement option. For those who are tired of wearing traditional dentures, they can upgrade their smile with implant dentures in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Implant dentures give patients a more comfortable, long lasting, and stable new smile. […]

Am I A Candidate For Implant Supported Dentures?

3d image of a dental implant bridge and a prosthesis jaw with a blue backdrop.

Unlike traditional dentures, which rest on the gums, implant supported dentures in Fort Lauderdale, FL are anchored by dental implants. These tooth implants, typically made of titanium material, are surgically placed into the patient’s jawbone, giving them a sturdy base for the dentures to be attached to. This means that implant supported dentures are more […]

By Getting Denture Implants In Fort Lauderdale, FL, Can They Benefit My Smile?

an elderly couple smiling at each other over a meal because denture implants were used to benefit the look and function of their smiles.

While traditional dentures are able to give patients new teeth, denture implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL can restore the look and function of their smile for years to come. This is because denture implants, also known as implant supported dentures, don’t just sit on the patients gums like traditional dentures do. Denture implants are stabilized […]

Will Implant Supported Dentures Give Me A More Stable Smile Than Traditional Dentures?

Image of an implant supported dental model.

Those who have missing teeth may turn to traditional dentures to replace them. While traditional dentures can be effective in restoring people’s ability to smile and speak with confidence, over time, they can become loose and cause them discomfort. This is because the jawbone is not being stimulated with traditional dentures. In order for people […]