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Food restrictions

Prone to foul smell

Prone to breakage

Requires messy glue

Must be removed at night

Adjustments required often

Bone loss continues

Average replacement: 5 years

SNAP-ON/ Overdentures

Food restrictions

Prone to foul smells

Loses snap function/ Must be remade

Can move when chewing/Come un-snapped

Up to 12 months for final results

Removable denture compromises implants

Not everyone is a candidate due to bone loss

Average replacement: 3-5 years

All-On-4 with Hybrid Prosthesis Bonded to Metal Bar

Food restrictions

Prone to foul smell

Weak material/prone to breakage

Reduced ability to chew certain foods

Outdated fabrication techniques & materials

Strong metallic taste

Not everyone is a candidate due to bone loss

Average replacement: 3-5 years

All-On-6 with Ceramic Prosthesis (strongest prosthesis available)

No food restrictions!

Improved oral health / no bad smells!

Strongest Prosthesis Available!

Chewing capacity restored!

Advanced Fabrication Techniques & Materials!

No Metallic Taste / Metal Free Prosthesis!

Closest look and feel to natural teeth!

Options for patients with severe bone loss!

Lifetime Warranty on Implants & Ceramic Teeth!

Longest Lasting Permanent Solution!

Dentures vs. SNAP-ON/ overdentures vs. Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent dental restoration option that will last a lifetime for individuals with missing or failing teeth. Unlike dentures that can shift, fall out and can be messy to maintain; dental implants can restore an individual’s bite with a permanent solution that no longer restricts what they can eat or what they can drink.

We have included a brief comparison chart of the key benefits of dental implants over dentures. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a free consultation please call use at 866-360-1585.

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