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Dental Implant Cost



Starting Around $200/month

or $15,000*



Starting Around $400/month

or $30,000*

*Actual pricing is determined on a case by case basis based upon a variety of factors including patient’s bone level, materials chosen, credit score at time of financing and others.

When considering cost, keep in mind, not all full arch dental implants restorations are the same. There are many components of a full arch restoration to consider when deciding on which provider offers the best solution for you. You should consider things such as the quality of the implants, the restoration material that is being used, warranty as well as the overall maintenance of your newly restored smile.

At In A Day Smile, we have developed a restoration treatment plan that is second-to-none by providing high quality materials and exceptional maintenance placed by dental professionals that are experts in their field utilizing the latest in implant technology. The best part is… We have done all of this at a cost that is at or below industry averages.

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In A Day Smile VS Other Implant Providers
We place five Nobel Active implants per arch for extra support.   Place Only four implants per arch.
Guided placement utilizing 3-D modeling and CT scans.   In most cases are manually placed without guided technology.
Our restorations are designed and placed by specialists including Periodontists and Prosthodontists.   In most case, restorations are designed and placed by general dentists who do not specialize in implants.
We offer IV Sedation during treatment for patient comfort.   Utilize only local anesthesia during treatment.
We utilize only the highest quality ceramic/porcelain restorations for durability, esthetics and longevity.   Offer plastic/acrylic restorations.
We offer a 5-year warranty on our full arch restorations.   No Warranty.
We provide lifetime maintenance and cleaning. All full arch restoration include 1-year of free maintenance.   Offer no maintenance.

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